Top 10 Technological Innovations In Gaming

Gaming – An Introduction

Gaming is one such industry that covers a wide variety of consumer base, ranging from younger ones to the older ones. Most of the people are glued to the ‘gaming world’. This is because; it allows the player to satisfy one’s own fictional fantasies in a virtual world, which is otherwise impossible in the ‘real world’. While ‘gaming’ industry can boast of the pros that offer to the customers such as, amusement, relaxation, fantasy, etc., one cannot avoid the cons that arise due to continuous gaming such as, eyesight issues, obesity, addiction, behavioral changes etc. With the advancement in technology, the gaming industry has come a long way from ‘stand-alone gaming’ to ‘cloud gaming’, thus increasing its customer base day-by-day by offering gripping experience to anyone embracing it.

Types of gaming

Gaming can be broadly classified based on devices used and genres played.

Based on devices

  1. PCs
  2. Mobile devices
  3. Consoles
  4. Arcade

Based on genres

  1. Strategy
  2. Adventure
  3. Educational
  4. Fighting
  5. Racing

Top 10 innovations in Gaming

The Gaming industry has undergone a huge change over from the days of simple basic gaming to a high-definition, virtual gaming. Following are the major innovations in the gaming industry that has left all of us spell-bound!

Online gaming

Online gaming has truly revolutionized the gaming industry allowing players from different parts of the world compete with each other. Whist, online gaming facilitates interactions and fun, not to forget that it has also paved way for ‘Online Gambling’.

Mobile-Apps gaming

Now, anyone owning a smartphone can play games by installing gaming apps into their phone. Lots of free gaming apps are available in the app stores. Even many social-networking apps/sites like Facebook, allows the user to promote games, thereby requesting fellow FB users to download the gaming app.

High-definition graphics

From simple basic graphic-less gaming, the gaming industry has now moved to high-definition 4K (4000 pixels) gaming. HD screen with 4K resolution is available for this purpose. Today, you can play some of the latest high-definition graphics PC games with a gaming notebook under 500.

Virtual Reality gaming

The ‘Virtual Reality’ technology has taken the gaming experiences to the next level. The three-dimensional motion pictures based on VR are so realistic, that one can experience and interact with fantasy gaming world. These are accomplished using bio-sensors fixed in the gaming accessories. By wearing these accessories, the player passes the signal to the computer or the console which converts it to responses on the screen.

Augmented Reality Gaming

The AR allows the user to view the real world augmented by the graphics of the gaming world by deriving real world co-ordinates free from graphic images, thus not confining you to either PC or console for playing games.

Cloud gaming

With the invention of ‘Cloud Technology’ cloud gaming is possible without having the user to download the gaming software into their PCs, nor worry about the memory space available. Instead, games are played directly from cloud database using a dedicated net connection.

Voice control gaming

This type of gaming allows the player to dictate instructions orally. The voice recognition software captures commands and sends signals to the device to act accordingly.

Motion control gaming

Motion control gaming is nothing but instructing your device to perform the gaming moves based on your natural body movement. The 3D camera placed on the device captures the body movement and the motion control software receives and processes the command accordingly.

Wearable gaming

Portability is the key factor in wearable gaming. With wearable gaming, one can play games anytime, anywhere.

Wireless Gaming

Wireless gaming has really overcome the difficulties of innumerable annoying connecting wires, especially in gaming consoles. This allows the player to position them away from the screen with a reasonable distance thereby safeguarding their eyesight.

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