Top 10 Tech Innovations In The Last Decade

Here is a top 10 list of tech innovations in the last decade, which we perceive as major game changers in technological advancement.

Google becomes a part of our everyday life:

Google search engine became a part of our everyday lives when the company went public in 2004. It revolutionized knowledge and information sharing and changed the face of information technology forever. Google going public was indeed a game changer because it found newer and better ways to share knowledge, news, and information from anywhere in the world.


The introduction of androids and iPhones has been one of the most remarkable innovations of our times. Smartphones took the world of telecommunication technology by storm. And most of these phones use the android OS and iPhone OS to communicate, surf the net and conduct several financial operations. Both the operating systems put together have millions of apps that allows users to play games, transfer finances, track stocks, improvise photographs, track locations and much more.

Social networking:

Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, and several other social networking platforms revolutionized the idea of social media communication and suddenly personal lives weren’t so personal anymore. Millions of users communicate with their family and friends through these platforms and play games, call for social attention and action on relevant and irrelevant issues.

Open source software (Wikipedia):

Wikipedia is a free user-generated online encyclopedia. This open source software is now an online reference for any content searched across the net. Wikipedia was just the beginning, it was soon followed by other user-generated platforms like YouTube.

Nintendo Wii’s video game revolution:

The Wii games changed the way video games were played on the couch with remote controls. The wireless Wii controller egged people to play sports like tennis and basketball using their simulation technology.


The Global Positioning System which was originally developed for U.S defense purposes became available for commercial and home purposes and later adapted into phone devices and used in vehicles to track and routes and locations.

Flat-Screen television and HDTVs:

Our television sets have become sleeker and slimmer with flat surfaces with life-like images and minute detailing that it accounts for one of the most influential tech changes in the last decade.

Non-invasive laser surgery such as laparoscopy:

This modern surgical technique reduced the pain and trauma of traditional open surgeries and is touted as one of the most useful medical technology innovations of the last decade.

Human genome project:

The human genome project has progressed in leaps and bounds where it has helped in understanding and tracking common diseases and new energy sources. This project has been successfully used in several scientific applications and can be called a tech innovation that has touched lives.

Fuel-efficient hybrid cars:

When Toyota introduced its first hybrid car “Prius” in the U.S. markets, it was awarded the “Business Leader of the Year”. The fuel-efficiency and other eco-friendly technology ideas caught the attention of leading automobile manufacturers and soon Ford, Nissan, Lexus, and many more joined the hybrid bandwagon.


Wireless technology and Bluetooth enables us to connect with modems and routers and sharing a file, photos, music and much more, was never easier and revolutionized communications technology in the last decade.

Whether it is internet technology or smartphones and the development of apps for every perceivable human need, there have been major advances in scientific thought and communication technology.These innovations have transformed human life significantly.

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  1. Bouleareire

    I think Wi-Fi is probably the biggest game changer in this list.

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