Technology Advancements In PC Games Over The Years

Every adult and kid have played some games or the other in their lifetime. Recently it is very difficult to ignore some of the popular games that played in mobiles and laptops. Like any other domain, the PC games have also evolved over the years guided by various technological advancements, inventions, and developments. Today the gaming industry is a big entertainment industry creating many jobs and as a key source of income.

Below is a brief overview of how we have advanced in the past 50 to 60 years. Though the below sections are more oriented and structured towards the operating systems it is only to provide a chronological reference. There have been significant changes in hardware, graphics, designers, software, and nature of players. that have also contributed to improvements in the industry.

DoS Era:

This can be associated with early days of the computer industry from around 1950s to 1990s, this period was mainly marked by some researchers developing initial basic games.  This was mainly developed with DoS as that was the operating system present. It was difficult to have compatibility with various versions of hardware. The players who played this were seen as geeks as installing the games were difficult. However, the common man was also exposed to these games in malls and some centers where special machines were placed with the games. The initial version of ping pong ball game based on DoS was so popular that within 2 weeks it broke down due to too many quarters the game was played with.  Then the hand held video games like Game Boy were designed. Thus the craze for games via console or personal computers was evident but it had not reached the masses yet.

Windows Era:

With the 1990s Windows came into the picture and every household started to buy PCs. This is the period where PC gaming industry started having a golden era. Windows 95 was a significant operating system that made developers life easier and many games were developed that were compatible with different hardware. The graphics designs were also getting better. Games like Age of Empires, World of Warcraft became very popular. People started playing PC games crazily.  The next boom came with the advent of internet and possibility of playing games online and also with strangers increased the popularity of PC games. Multi-user games were popular and social media sites began to lure users into playing games online. Games like Farmville became very popular and people spent numerous hours in front of their systems. In this era, other console games like Xbox, PS/2, and Wii were developed and they became popular.

Modern Era:

With the every growing popularity of smartphones and social media people are now more hooked on to their mobiles rather than PCs. However, there is still a craze for PC games as the screen and graphics provide a better view to the user. Some of the games need a keyboard or a mouse, such games are still popular. PC games have also started reinventing themselves by providing better 3D graphics.

Thus PC games are still relevant and popular in this modern era, however, they need to also reinvent themselves and provide better user experience.

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